Lowongan Country Purchasing Manager-PT Prysmian Cables Indonesia

Country Purchasing Manager-PT Prysmian Cables Indonesia

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Prysmian Group is the world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry.
With over 130 years’ experience and a presence in 50 countries, and with around 20,000 people and 91 plants, the Group is strongly positioned at the high-tech end of the energy and telecom cable sectors.
The Group was created through the union of Prysmian and Draka, already leaders in their markets for innovation and technological know-how. We are combining the strengths of both and achieving increased investment potential and geographical coverage, as well as offering the most extensive range of products, services, technologies and know-how available on the market. Prysmian Group is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index. Being a public company, the Group is particularly focused on creating value for its stakeholders and having a transparent relationship with them.
Prysmian Group relies on the expertise of its people to provide solutions and services that deliver value to major commercial customers involved in projects on every continent.
Recognising that they’re our most valuable asset, we’re continuously investing in our people, ensuring that our organisational needs match their individual skills, capabilities and expectations. In doing so, we’re constantly developing and enhancing a team capable of working in close proximity to customers worldwide, meeting and often exceeding their needs.
We view the quality of our human resource management as fundamental to the success of our business.
Please visit in our website: www.prysmiangroup.com
PT. Prysmian Cables Indonesia is currently searching for highly qualified person to fill the position below:

Job Purpose:
Coordination, controlling and monitoring of all aspect of preparation, purchase and delivery time of raw material and non-raw material include to ensure appropriate supplier and identify to meet the requirements of company and for sure acceptance the material according time deliver and achieving target in term of material effectively and efficiently.       
​Job Responsibilities:
·       Coordinating, controlling and executing activity of material source and identify new suppliers for offering competitive price to achieve target of saving cost more effectively and efficiency.
·       Coordinating and controlling for implementation up-dating of information database over raw material and non-raw material and identification level material for ensure the information is availability and accountable in term of internal supply.    
·       Set up and controlling list of supplier and summarize profile of supplier for properness in order to cooperate.   
·       Negotiate with suppliers for prices, conditions of payment, delivery period and non-raw material raw material to identify the supplier that best meets the needs of customers and the ability of the company.
·       Coordinating and monitoring of the shipment of raw materials and non-raw material to ensure delivery of the project on a predetermined time.
·       Coordinate, control and preparation the shipping document management to ensure there is no delay in the receipt of documents in support of the smooth clearance at the port.
·       Coordinate and manage procurement process scrap buyer to determine the most appropriate buyer with the requirements of the company so that the availability of scrap buyer in a timely manner.
·       Analyzing the hedging to be purchased on request from the Department of Sales & Marketing and Logistic Department, coordinating the purchase to make purchases to effectively and timely.
·       Coordinate and direct the preparation of work plans and budgets and their implementation unit to ensure the achievement of performance in accordance with a predetermined RKAP.
·       Managing, directing and controlling the improvement of the quality of work and service in his unit in accordance with the orderly administration, systems and procedures to ensure the implementation of the Company with a good system.
·       Coordinate and direct the preparation of work plans and budgets and their implementation unit to ensure the achievement of performance in accordance with a predetermined RKAP.
·       Managing, directing and controlling the improvement of the quality of work and service in his unit in accordance with the orderly administration, systems and procedures to ensure the implementation of the Company with a good system.
·       Managing, directing and controlling the system and how to work in his unit to create conditions and an atmosphere conducive to achieving work performance, as well as comfortable, harmonious and clean in accordance with safety and environmental requirements.
·       Motivate, develop, establish, and evaluate the performance of subordinates, to ensure the availability of workers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies in accordance with the requirements set out so as to support the achievement of targets and programs of work unit.
Safety Support
·       Ensure that the requirements of the HSEMS are established, implemented and maintained in accordance with the standard OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001
Job Specification:
  • ​Bachelors or Masters Degree in Engineering.
  • Over 15 years of purchasing experience in an international company, with minimum 5 years experience in management level. 
  • Must be a self-starter with strong attention to detail, effective time management and the ability to be flexible when priorities change
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and cooperative effort
  • Must speak fluent English, Bahasa and/or any other ASEAN are an advantage.
  • Have excellent understanding about raw material and company's business process.
  • Have experience in cable manufacturing company will be an advantage.
  • Have excellent negotiation and communication skills.

Over a period spanning more than 140 years, we have built our history and our successes on the skills of our employees. Their merit lies not only in the achievement of these results but also in the ability to pass on to their younger coworkers - generation after generation - their values, experience and loyalty to their company.
Our “human capital strategy” seeks to pursue this path: fostering and shaping the passion, motivation and competencies of our employees into the real competitive edge over our competitors. This is the prerequisite if we are to ensure the finest ideas, products and performance on the market and to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.
Our strategy is underpinned by a number of pillars:
  • The development and dissemination of a shared common identity: each of us must feel part of a team, contributing to a common Prysmian project in which we believe.
  • An inspiring model of Leadership: a Management class that embodies the highest levels of moral probity and professionalism is indispensable if we are to aspire to ambitious goals and to achieve stable, long term results, actively involving our people in the challenges that await us.
  • The development and management of talent: getting the best out of our people and their competencies, selecting them wisely and making the most of their skills; training them, challenging them, engaging them. This will require methodical planning if we are to prime the Group to face the challenges of the future. This is why we are creating a “people pipeline” that will feed and support the growth of Prysmian.
  • The ability to attract the highest quality people on the market, offering professional, intellectual and career alternatives that will be challenging and dynamic and that will also provide attractive long term prospects.
  • The development of an organization that, in terms of size, processes and structure, will allow us to compete effectively on the market.   
  • Internal communication and social relations: key elements in the management of a large organization and the engagement of its internal and external stakeholders.
  • The international and multicultural dimensions of our workplaces, consistent with our industrial and commercial presence worldwide.

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