Lowongan Staff Administrasi-PT Express Transindo Utama Tbk

Staff Administrasi-PT Express Transindo Utama Tbk

Bekasi (Jawa Barat), Depok (Jawa Barat), Jakarta Raya, Tangerang (Banten) | Ditayangkan: 09-November-2017 | Tutup pada 09-December-2017

Express Group is one of Indonesia's leading transportation companies, especially as a taxi operator. Established in April 1989, Express Group's main businesses are taxi services, Express taxi and Tiara Express as a premium taxi, Fleet management services include vehicle service center. Express Group is now the second largest taxi operator in Indonesia that holds operating license of 4000 taxi units.
With the head office in Jakarta, the company has broaden its operating area to a other major cities in Indonesia such as a Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali and Lombok, alongside with Jabodetabek area. Express Group operates more than 3000 taxi units with more than 6000 drivers throughout the country.
Express Group has also gained solid reputation for its professional management system to upgrade quality of services. Express Group realizes the importance of balance between service to partner drivers and to customers. For the company, driver are essential partners which make its taxi operating system different from other operators. We take brave steps by claiming our drivers as a partners as well as parts of the company and offer them to personally own the taxi unit they operate. In doing business, Express group diffuses the philosophy of building modern taxi company into the company culture in order to create a state where we exceed our customer's expectation.
Product & Services
Jakarta, 11 September 2008 – PT. Express Trasindo Utama (Express Group) as a subsidiary of Rajawali Corporation, today launched “Tiara Express” taxi, the first and the only large capacity transport service where prestige together with sophisticated technology meets security and convenience.
“Tiara Express” taxi comes in a luxurious, silver Toyota ALPHARD AS 2.4 L that uses eco friendly Autogas (LPG) which is inline with government initiatives, the “Blue Sky” program. The lavish transportation service is specially tailored for the high-end society and tourist who are looking for a secure, convenient, prestigious and hi-tech vehicle that can carry up to six (6) people.
Daniel Podiman, President Director PT Express Trasindo Utama said, “We have maintained our full commitment in this industry for 20 years by continuing to create innovative products and services for our customer. It is a great honor for Express Group to be the pioneer of large capacity vehicle usage that can give full satisfaction while keeping the environment green”.
To date, “Tiara Express” taxi owns 45 vehicles ready to operates fully, and will continue to add more numbers up to 100 vehicles by the end of 2008”, Daniel added To ensure safety and to give more convenience, “Tiara Express” installed its vehicle with Electronic Payment Swipe Machine that enables the passengers to pay online using credit or debit card. In the near time, customer can also use a prepaid voucher for payment option. For the electronic payment service, Express Group cooperates with Bank DKI for JakCard Prepaid card application in “Tiara Express”.
Other advantage offered by “Tiara Express” is the latest technologies such as, Audio Video, GPS and WiFi. These features are important for professional and business people who are always on-the-go. ALPHARD’s large capacity also makes the customer who wants to travel with their family feel more convenient, secure and with reasonable price. “Tiara Express” will be located in strategic location such as, Airport, Hotel, Business center and can be book easily through a call center at (021) 300 100 60.
EXPRESS GROUP, established since 1989 as Transportation Company. The company operates taxi service and car rental. With headquarter located in Jakarta, Express Group has expands its service to other major cities besides Jabodetabek, like Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali and Lombok. To date, Express Group has operates around 3.000 taxi units with around 6.000 driver across Indonesia.

1. Admin Personalia
  • Melakukan proses penginputan administrasi kepegawaian (input data karyawan baru, absensi, cuti, ijin, dll)
  • Merekapitulasi data absensi, cuti dan mencetak ID Card karyawan
  • Menyusun dan membuat surat menyurat internal dan eksternal yang berhubungan dengan kepersonaliaan
  • Melakukan pengarsipan dokumen secara sistematis dan rapih
2. Kasir Cabang
  • Menjalankan proses penerimaan uang setoran dari Mitra dilakukan sesuai SOP
  • Menginput data setoran dan membuat laporan setoran harian untuk disampaikan kepada Supervisor Pool.
  • Mengelola ketersediaan data harian untuk mendukung pengambilan keputusan bagian  Operasi.
3. Admin Operasional Cabang
  • Mengelola  dan memastikan kelengkapan surat-surat taksi agar dapat beroperasi,
  • Memastikan jumlah mitra sama dengan jumlah unit taksi yang akan beroperasi,
  • Menyelesaikan masalah yang menyangkut mitra / pengemudi,  
  • Memastikan dokumentasi di bagian Operasi sudah lengkap, update, dan benar.
  1. Usia maksimal 30 tahun
  2. Pendidikan minimal Diploma 3 berbagai jurusan
  3. Pengalaman minimal satu tahun dibidang administrasi
  4. Menguasai Ms Office (Word, Excel)
  5. Dapat bekerja secara team / individu
  6. Teliti, memiliki loyalitas tinggi, dan dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik
  7. Bersedia bekerja dalam shift
  8. Penempatan untuk di wilayah Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi. 

A Note from CEO
My warmest regards to all business partners and employees.
First of all, let us all show our gratitude to the all mighty for his blessings upon us that Express Group keeps growing and developing. It is beyond happiness for me that I can still be with all of you in this 17th year Express Group. This business has taken a long journey since it started in 1989. During that journey, we have gone through plenty of obstacles, which of course includes the 1997 economis crisis which was a tough period for any industry. Yet we stay strong and keep moving forward with our solid teamwork.
“Express Group”, as one of Rajawali Corpora business units, has recently found the most appropriate operational system, the partnership system. It is where our drivers, regarded as working partners, have the change the personally own the taxi unit that they operate through a mutually agreed terms and conditions. Through the system, we find profitable and long lasting cooperation between the company and drivers as main partners. Further more, not only can Express Group survive, but also grow rapidly amidst the second economic crisis in 2007 due to the significant oil price raise, and in which was a big hit to the national Industry and banking.
In the present tight competitive era, Express Group has been able to confirm its existence and growth. Express will, in fact, expand the business from a merely taxi operator to order transportation services such a fleet Management , service workshop and recently launch Premiun taxi - TIARA EXPRESS.Going into the year 2009, with Solid teamwork, contribution, support and commitment from all employees and business partners, I am highly optimistic that Express Group will maintain its growth and keep its excellent existence as a Major Transportation company in Indonesia.Therefore, I would like to encourage all parties to unite in achieving the Goal Express Group to be the leading Land Transportation Company.
Cultures and Values
‘To Build Modern Taxi Transportation Business.’
Modern taxi means a transportation service that unify customer needs and ‘exceed their expectation’. Therefore, EXPRESS GROUPS try to formulate this value into the developed corporate culture. The service values that must be applied by our front liner (drivers, call center staffs, dispatcher/shelter officers) are as follows
01. On time (Timely manner)
Serve customer in time.
02. Safety
The company guarantee your security and safety on the way until destination.
03. Comfort
Present the feel of comfort during the trip
04. Friendly
Polite and nice service .
05. Helpful
Always gives help as needed by customer, whether asked or not, and giving the right solution to customer.

ALAMAT : PT Express Transindo Utama Tbk
Jalan Sukarjo Wiryopranoto No.11 Maphar Taman Sari, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

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