Lowongan Production Field Technician (PFT)-PT Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara

Production Field Technician (PFT)-PT Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara

Banten - Merak Office | Ditayangkan: 29-December-2017 | Tutup pada 28-January-2018

In 1990, four companies – BP Chemicals Investments Limited (BP), Mitsui $ Co Ltd, Sumitomo Corporation and PT. Arseto Petrokimia formed PT. Petrokimia Nusantara Interindo (PT.PENI) to manufacture polyethylene at a 36-hectare site in Merak, Cilegon in Banten Province. PT. PENI with a production capacity of 450 KTA (kilo tones per annum) became Indonesia’s First and Largest polyethylene producer.
Polyethylene (PE) is one of the world’s most widely used polymers and PE products are easily found in our dauly lives; raging from simple basic shopping bags to food containers and a host of other sophisticated products. As a safe and non-toxic product, polyethylene is ideal for aily usage where hygiene and safety are priorites especially in hospitals, laboratories and other contaminant-sensitive areas. In these environments polyethelene is used in items like syringes, tubes, catheres and fluid bags. In Marc 2006, PT.PENI was acquired by Malaysia-based Titan Chemicals Corp. Bhd. Titan Chemicals is Malaysia’s first and largest polyolefins producer. For more informations please refer to TITAN GROUP.
In 2008, Titan Chemical Corp. Sdn. Bhd. acquired PT. Fatrapolindo Nusa Industri, Tbk (FPNI) and put PT. PENI as subsidiary of FPNI. FPNI was changed the name to PT. Titan Kimia Nusantara, Tbk and PT. PENI become PT. TITAN Petrokimia Nusantara. In July 2010, Malaysia Titan Chemical Corp was acquired by Lotte Chemical, the core company of the Lotte Group's Chemical Division. For more information please refer to LOTTE CHEMICAL.
In 2013, PT. Titan Kimia Nusantara, Tbk changes the name to PT. Lotte Chemical Titan , Tbk and PT. TITAN Petrokimia Nusantara changes the name to PT. Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara.

By capitalizing on Titan Chemical’s experience, R & D support and wide-reaching network, PT. Lotte Chemical Titan Nusantara will now be able to develop further and maximize its potential as a leading player in Indonesia. As a responsible company, we are guided by a set of core values in our pursuit of success and these values are:
This is, and will always remain, our number are priority. Life is precious and irreplaceable. No job can be important or urgent enough to justify compromising on safety.
We are commited to continous quality improvement in everything we do. We strive to be the best and recognize that quality improvement is an ever advancing target.
We are above all an organization of people, not chemical processes and production output. We exist because of creativity, dedication and drive of our staff and recognize that people are the true essence of our success.
We take pride in being good citizens of the communities in which we work and live in as well as of the world. Our goal of good corporate citizenship guides our charitable contributions and our community service activities and we embrace a compassion for environmental needs and concern.
Our business and operating philosophies encompasses a concept of excellence, providing superior value to our customers, supporting our markets with strong technical advice, pursuing long-tem strategies while remaining vigilant of short term opportunities. Most important of all, we nurture an organization that attracts and retains motivated and talented team players.
Technology and dynamics will differ over time but, as in life, there enduring truths in business. Our core values exemplify these ensuring truths.

  • Responsible to make plant tidiness and safe working area by performing a good house keeping manner
  • Take the active side to keep tools, equipments, and working environment in standard conditions
  • Responsible to the Plant Integrity by operating within the operating envelope, by following operating orders, instructions, procedures, and relevant OSI, such as LOTO and hand over, by preparing shift report including logging and by monitoring performance and correcting for deviations
  • Responsible to mechanical reliability by following operating orders, instructions and procedures, by monitoring equipments performance, correcting and reporting for deviations, by performing field patrol, field logging and reporting when deviation occur and by doing simple maintenance work
  • Responsible to achieve the production plan at minimum cost, high quality yield and high HC efficiency by ensuring the consistency of product quality, by following Operations procedures, by optimizing raw material, chemicals, by managing operation supports properly, such as radio, and utilities usage all the time, by proactively correcting and reporting process and quality deviations, by following instructions in a timely and accurate manner
The candidate should have the following criteria:
  • Bachelor Degree S1 or D3 Fresh graduated (Majoring Chemical Engineering/Petrochemical and Gas) or Senior High School (with relevant experience min. 4 years)
  • Having good knowledge in Polymer process, Familiar with PID
  • Having good communication in English
  • Have good ability in computer literacy, good in excel & other MS Office
  • Good integrity, initiatives, adaptable and team work
  • Having motivation to learn and willing to work under pressure
  • Willing to be located in Merak Office
What be needed to submit:
  • Application Letter & Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of Academic Transcript
  • The latest photograph (size 4 x 6 cm, colour)
If you meet above requirements, please send your application, outlining how your skill & knowledge will bring value to us, before 7 March 2017.
All applications will be treated at the highest confidential. The commencing package will commensurate with experience & qualification. We regret that only short-listed applications will be notified.

  • Top Tier Chemical Company in Asia.

The key to industry leadership in Asia will be:
  • Stabillize Complex Operation.
  • Synergy with Lotte Chemical.
  • Strengthen growth capability with the future.
  • Enhance competitiveness in newly acquired business
  • Improve performance of existing core business.
  • Seek and achieve new business development targets.
  • Develop talent pool and strengthen management infrastructure.

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Jalan Raya Merak, Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia

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