Lowongan Project Coordinator for KfW-Wildlife Conservation Society - Indonesia Program

Project Coordinator for KfW-Wildlife Conservation Society - Indonesia Program

Lampung - Kota Agung | Ditayangkan: 24-November-2017 | Tutup pada 24-December-2017

The Wildlife Conservation Society ( WCS ), formerly known as the New York Zoological Society, is an international non-governmental organization with conservation programs in 60 countries.  This network is organized under the International Conservation Department of WCS in New York City, USA. The WCS Indonesia Program ( WCS-IP ) is representative office which operates in Indonesia under the framework of Memorandum of Understanding with Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation ( PHKA ), Ministry of Forestry.
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has recently re-organised into a set of regional programs, which includes the SE Asia Archipelago Region, covering the WCS-Indonesia Terrestrial, WCS-Indonesia Marine and WCS-Malaysia country programs, in addition to regional engagement on forest/climate change policy, wildlife trade policy and development of new programs in adjacent countries such as the Philippines.

Position title:
Project Coordinator
Project name:
Conserving priority habitats in the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra
Key internal relations:
Project Partner leaders from WCS, WWF and YABI, the Project Coordination Unit team and BBSNP senior management
Kota Agung, Lampung, Sumatra, with travel to BBS field sites, Jakarta and Bogor
This project concerns the conservation of an ‘Intensive Protection Zone’ (IPZ) of about 100,000 ha in the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP), located in Lampung province, Sumatra. The outcome of the Project is the ‘Conservation of highly threatened Tropical Rainforest in the BBSNP as priority habitat for critically endangered species and carbon sink through innovative management concepts and sustainable land use management in cooperation with local communities and the national park authority.’ The 6 year project will be funded through the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), with the KfW Entwicklungsbank being its assigned government agency. The Project Partners consist of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), WWF (Germany and Indonesia programs) and Yayasan Badak Indonesia (YABI). These partners will provide technical assistance to the BBSNP management authority and other government and civil society stakeholder groups with an interest in the national park and its buffer zone.
The project design consists of the following six Outputs, with the responsible Project Partners as detailed in parentheses,
1)      Establishment and implementation of IPZ (WCS and YABI)
2)      Establishment and implementation of an ‘Intensive Management Zone’ (IMZ) (WWF and YABI)
3)      Community engagement (WCS, WWF and YABI)
4)      Policy framework and scaling up (WCS, WWF and YABI)
5)      Adaptive management and M&E (WCS, WWF and YABI)
  • Project management (WCS, WWF and YABI)
    Project management arrangements
    A Project Coordination Unit will be established at the start of the project and run for its duration. It will consist of five staff, who will be recruited and contracted through the Project Partners as detailed in parentheses,
  • Project Coordinator (recruited by all, contracted and paid by WCS)
  • Finance and Admin Manager (recruited by all, contracted and paid by WWF Indonesia)
  • SMART-RBM Data manager (recruited by YABI and WCS, contracted by WCS, paid by WCS)
  • Livelihoods Manager, (recruited by YABI and WWF Indonesia, contracted by WWF Indonesia, paid by WWF Indonesia)
  • Communications Manager (recruited by all, contracted by WWF Indonesia, paid by WWF Indonesia).
  • WCS, WWF Indonesia and YABI will provide supervision and advice to the Project Coordination Unit through several staff but in particular through their respective Project Partner leaders.
    The Project Coordination Unit will work with the BBS Joint Secretariat to ensure the coordinated implementation of the respective NGO work plans and sharing of information, a common approach to law enforcement and community issues, coordinated planning, and optimal use of the available resources of all the members of the group. The Secretariat is expected to meet annually to review information on threats and interventions, develop and revise work plans, and facilitate coordination between Project Partners and other organizations working with the Park. The BBS Joint Secretariat will be coordinated by the Park, with the support of the Project Coordinator.
    Specific Tasks and Outputs/Deliverables
    The Project Coordinator will play a central role and be responsible for,
    Project facilitation and liaison
  • Coordinate the key personnel from the project coordination unit
  • Coordinate with the Project Partners and BBSNP authority to develop joint annual project work plans, emphasizing a fully integrated approach.
  • Compile and edit regular technical progress reports for project Outputs #1-5, based on Project Partner inputs, and ensure consistency with the accompanying financial reports[1].
  • Support Project Partners in communicating project progress to the Joint National Rhino Secretariat, Directorate-General of Natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation (DG KSDAE) and its Technical Implementation Unit (Unit Pelaksana Teknis) and local government.
  • Coordinate with other conservation and development projects being developed and/or implemented in the BBS landscape as well as with other Sumatran rhino conservation projects on Sumatra to ensure a complementary approach.
    Project reporting and planning
  • Assist implementing Project Partner leaders to track and report project progress against Key Performance Indicators.
  • Facilitate quarterly BBSNP Joint Secretariat meetings.
  • Produce regular technical progress reports, based on Project Partners and BBSNP inputs.
  • Facilitate frequent and clear communication between Project Partners.
  • Support implementation of the project communication strategy.
    Other duties
  • Organize donor, government and other interested party visits to the project site and accompany them in the field
  • Monitor project complaints and handle these with Project Partners as needed.
  • Support the project conflict resolution process, by firstly coordinating among the Project Partner leaders to resolve any conflicts and, in the event of no resolution, forwarding the matter to the BBS Joint Secretariat, and supporting as required thereafter.
  • Strong interest in wildlife conservation, protected area management and stakeholder engagement.
  • Excellent knowledge on relevant wildlife conservation and protected area management issues.
  • Postgraduate degree in a relevant subject (forestry, wildlife, conservation biology or environmental sciences).
  • >6 years’ senior project management experience.
  • Excellent communication, networking and negotiation skills (oral and written), especially in working with NGO, local community and government stakeholders.
  • Fluency in bahasa Indonesia is essential and English.
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Excellent computer skills, such as Microsoft packages.
  • Impact-driven and result-oriented
  • Highly motivated self-starter and team player
  • Adaptable to work in various scenarios and locations, with a high willingness to travel.
    [1] Note: the final, pre-submission, edit and quality check of the technical and financial progress reports is the responsibility of WCS (for its Outputs including those sub-contracted to YABI by WCS) and WWF Germany (for its Outputs including those sub-contracted to YABI by WWF Indonesia

Our Mission
WCS’s Global Conservation Program saves wildlife and wild places by understanding critical issues, crafting science-based solutions, and taking conservation actions that benefit nature and humanity.

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